"Revolutionising Ownership Through Syndication"

Australia’s first and premier syndication and subscription platform for prestige vehicles.

SYNDC8 is a private motor vehicle club that facilitates the syndication, subscription and the hire & rental of prestige vehicles. 

Engage in a shared-ownership structure with like-minded individuals today so you can own your next luxury vehicle at a fraction of the cost!

Vehicle Syndication Made Simple


Register your interest for future syndication opportunities. It's that simple!


Your application is reviewed to ensure that you meet the strict selection criteria to join SYNDC8.


Once your financial documents have been approved you will legally own a pre-agreed share in the vehicle.


Easily schedule and manage your vehicle online with the other owners in your syndicate.

Who is Syndication for?


For car enthusiasts, perhaps you're looking to enter into the prestige vehicle market or maybe you just want to own a rotating fleet of luxury cars for the cost of owning 1.

Friends & Family

Keep it in the family! Syndicate your vehicle with your family and friends and share it for for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, formals or any special occasion!

Hire & Rental Car Agencies

Increase the size of your luxury fleet and co-own with other agencies to give your customers more variety. Simply integrate your booking calendar with our easy to manage member portal.

Business & Corporate

Keep it in the company! Syndicate with directors, partners, key suppliers or reward worthy employees with luxury car perks. Or, great for advertising and branding campaigns!

A Complete Walk-On, Walk-Off Experience.

With the integration of our online vehicle management platform you can now schedule, track and manage your vehicle at your fingertips. Owning that dream car has never been easier!

Why Is Car Syndication The Future Of Ownership?

'Dream' to Reality

Gone are the days when owning a prestige vehicle is just a dream.


Own your share in some of the most luxurious cars on the market.

Improved Cashflow

Maximise your cashflow and invest in only a fraction of the cost to own your next car.


Allocated drive days with the option to transfer days with other owners.

Managed Asset

Maximise the re-sale value of your vehicle with ongoing scheduled maintenance and servicing.

Return On Investment

Guaranteed pre-agreed amount back in your pocket at the end of your term.

Why It Works...

Guilt Free Pleasure...

Everyone deserves to drive a prestige vehicle at least once in their lifetime. 

But unfortunately not everyone has that privilege. More often than not, life gets in the way!

We get married, buy a home, have kids and that dream of owning a luxury car that had already eluded you for so long, seems even further away. 

Until now…

SYNDC8 is the most cost effective way to buy and own prestige vehicles in the modern day. 

Not only do we make your dream vehicle now attainable, we take care of everything to ensure you get to enjoy more of your special vehicle with those you care about the most!

$ 1 +

Choose From 3 Ownership Structures or Customise Your Own


  • 10 Owner Syndicate
  • 34 Drive Days


  • 4 Owner Syndicate
  • 85 Drive Days


  • 2 Owner Syndicate
  • 170 Drive Days
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Australia’s first and premier private motor vehicle club to facilitate the fractional ownership of prestige cars.