Don’t want the hassle of owning and maintaining a prestige vehicle? Then a subscription that gives you access to some of our selected luxury vehicles is what you need. 

Stuck For Choice, Not For Money!

Our annual subscriptions are the perfect solution if you’re looking for versatility and value for money without the hassle of ownership. 

You can now access our fleet of luxury vehicles and rotate between each vehicle depending on what you feel like driving!

No need to worry about the maintenance and exorbitant capital requirements of traditional ownership or issues such as insurance, servicing and financing.

Simply choose your subscription model based on your requirements, pay the membership fee and you’re now part of an exclusive club with access to some of the most coveted cars in the world!

Annual Subscriptions


  • $1,500 Joining Fee
  • 12 Month Subscription
  • 60 Drive Days
  • Up to 5 Days / Month
  • 20 Weekend Days
  • Access To All Vehicles
  • Book 14 Days In Advance
  • 4 Priority Bookings
  • VIP Event Access


  • $1,500 Joining Fee
  • 12 Month Subscription
  • 36 Drive Days
  • Up to 3 Days / Month
  • 10 Weekend Days
  • Access To All Vehicles
  • Book 21 Days In Advance
  • 2 Priority Bookings
  • VIP Event Access

Who is a Subscription for?


Can't choose between a selection of prestige cars? Select from a rotating fleet of luxury cars without the commitment to only one.

Friends & Family

Only subscribed members are allowed to drive the vehicles but it doesn't mean you can't take friends and family for a spin to enjoy the experience with!

Events & Functions

A great way to attend a wedding or chauffeur the married couple. Having access to a fleet of luxury vehicles will make you the envy of all your friends!

Business & Corporate

A subscription membership means your company can now alternate between vehicles and reward your employees based on their vehicle preferences.

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